Elevate your business with Etims integrated POS solution that revolutionize your operations. AdvaPOS is here to redefine your experience with compatibility across Windows, MacOS devices, and web platforms.

Universal POS: AdvaPOS is a universal point of sale system that comes with features and processes suitable for traders in; production and manufacturing, retail and distribution, services, supply among various business industries

Interactive interface: Our POS solution offers a user-friendly design ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience for every trader.

Inventory management made easy: Take charge of your inventory with customizable modules tailored to your unique requirements.

Effortlessly manage stock levels, track products, generate reports and optimize your supply chain.

Centralized invoice platform: Say goodbye to scattered invoices! AdvaPOS streamlines invoicing, providing you with a comprehensive and organized view of your transactions.

Security measure: Rest easy knowing that your financial data is secure. Our POS solufion employs robust security measures with end-to end data encryption to protect sensitive information.

AdvaPOS has MPESA integration, which is very key to any trader.

Target Market

Restraunts, Supermarket and Pharmacy

  • Universal System: Caters to diverse industries like production, retail, services, and supply chains.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Designed for ease of use and streamlined workflows.
  • Inventory Management: Offers features to track stock levels, generate reports, and optimize your supply chain.
  • Centralized Invoicing: Allows for streamlined management and organization of your transactions.
  • Security: Employs robust security measures with end-to-end data encryption to protect sensitive financial information.
  • MPESA Integration: Integrates with MPESA, a popular mobile money payment gateway in Kenya, facilitating cashless transactions.