Basically, in order to comply with the regulations outlined in the 2020 VAT Electronic Tax Invoice Regulations, you and other VAT-registered taxpayers will need to upgrade your ETR. Through a validation procedure, the enhanced ETRs may verify the correctness of the invoice data created at the moment of a transaction. The electronic tax invoice is sent to KRA via the internet in real-time or very close to real-time as the customer receives their copy of the invoice.

Advatech office supplies adversely provide quality Datecs TIMS Devices ranging from type A, type b, and type c

Type A

Control unit that is operational and has built-in capabilities to produce, verify, and send tax invoices and receipts to KRA It is suitable for business owners that conduct transactions using handwritten receipts.

Datecs WP-25 Type A

Datecs WP -25-Type A LAN 

Datecs WP -25-Type A WIFI

Datecs WP-25Datecs WP-50 Type A


For small firms with manual record keeping, DATECS WP-50MX is made. The gadget is ideal for small stores and service organizations due to its sophisticated design and variety of connection ports.

Type B

Two variants of a Control Unit for Retail Applications (Point of Sale) and Hospitality.

Datecs FP 700 MX Type B

Type C

Control Unit that connects to a software invoicing system (ERP). It is suited to businesses that have   automated their invoicing and are currently using an electronic signature device.

Datecs FT 100 MX Type C