The Tax Invoice Management System is being used to manage these enhanced ETRs (TIMS). Since the system's ultimate goal is to promote VAT compliance, reduce VAT fraud, and raise tax collection, it is anticipated to have a favorable influence on VAT administration.

Since the information will be sent to KRA through this implementation of the electronic tax invoice, VAT will be calculated at the time the invoice is issued.

The new, technologically sophisticated KRA Approved TIMS Devices are designed to reduce VAT fraud, boost VAT compliance, and assist the Kenya Collection Authority in increasing tax revenue.

Advatech office supplies adversely provides quality Datecs TIMS Devices ranging from tye A, type b and type c

Type A

Control unit has the ability to create, confirm, and submit tax bills and receipts to KRA It is appropriate for business owners that use handwritten receipts for transactions.

The DATECS WP-25 fiscal cash register is a contemporary online cash register (ETR) featuring GPRS, WiFi, and LAN (optional) connections. This establishes a connection with the TIMS application and transmits data about the goods and services offered there. The tool may be used by any businesses that are required to migrate from utilizing paper tax registers to an online fiscal cash register that conforms with TIMS.

Type B

Two versions of a control unit are available for retail (point of sale) and hospitality applications.

FP 700 MX Type B Datecs

 Type C

Control Unit to Software Invoicing System (ERP). It is appropriate for companies that use an electronic signature device and have automated their invoicing.

FT 100 MX Type C by Datecs