VAT is a consumption tax levied on taxable supplies, albeit you may not need to account for it. As a result, we all pay VAT for the products and services we use every day. Therefore, VAT is a crucial source of income for the government. The use of the taxes that residents contribute should also interest them. The QR code is one of the characteristics of the Electronic Tax Invoice that allows you, the client, to verify the legitimacy of the invoices and receipts that the trader has sent to you.

KRA has issued guidelines on how to comply. Since its roll out on 1st August 2021, taxpayers were issued with a 12-month transition period to ensure any emerging issues are resolved. All VAT registered taxpayers are required to comply by 30th November 2022 following an extension of the deadline through this public notice.

ADVATECH OFFICE SUPPLIES LTD is providing kra approved Datecs ETR Machines which includes:

Datecs WP-25

Datecs WP-25 Type A

Datecs WP -25-Type A LAN 

Datecs WP -25-Type A WIFI


Datecs FP 700 MX Type B

Datecs FT 100 MX Type C

Datecs Limited

Country of origin - Bulgaria

How do you use the Datecs ETR machine?


DATECS WP-50MX ETR Machine User Manual

MAKING A SALE IN DP50 ETR MACHINE. Press ON button displays OFF. Press 1. Enter password 30 then press total. 

PRINTING A DAILY REPORT/Z REPORT. Press ON button displays OFF. Press 3 then password press 30. Press total twice and it prints.

MONTHLY REPORT. Press ON button. Press 5 then press 30.