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eTIMS is a software solution which provides technological convenience to meet taxpayers’ compliance needs. eTIMS will be accessed through various electronic devices including computers and mobile phone Apps, making it more convenient, user-friendly and flexible for businesses to use

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  1. You are required to download the eTIMS commitment form, fill it appropriately before proceeding to the eTIMS portal.
  2. You (the VAT taxpayer) signs up on the eTIMS portal & makes an application for the preferred software option. The taxpayer can only select one software option at any given time
  3. Authorized third part vendor (ADVATECH) process the applications by conducting some due diligence through a KYC (Know Your Customer) interview to determine the following:
  • Nature of business (service industry or supplies goods or both)
  • Frequency of invoicing
  • If the taxpayer has access to a computing device – computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone
  • If the taxpayer has access to internet

The information provided above will determine the software option suitable for the taxpayer and facilitate the approval process





This solution is specifically designed for taxpayers who possess an automated billing/invoicing system and seek to integrate it with the Kenya Revenue Authority. This integration is accomplished through either an Online Sales Control Unit (OSCU) or a Virtual Sales Control Unit (VSCU).

The Online Sales Control Unit (OSCU) is tailored for entities that operate an online invoicing system, while the Virtual Sales Control Unit (VSCU) is suitable for entities engaged in bulk invoicing but may not always operate online.

Taxpayers have the flexibility to choose between self-integration or employing a certified third-party vendor to facilitate the integration process. Both individuals and third-party vendors intending to undertake this integration must complete a certification process before commencing the integration.

For taxpayers opting for self-integration, the technical specifications for both OSCU and VSCU are accessible. To begin the integration process, interested parties can visit the eTIMS portal. Additionally, a comprehensive step-by-step guide on how to sign up and the technical specifications for the Trader Invoicing System (TIS) can be downloaded from the portal.


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