Shredding documents to protect oneself against identity theft and fraud is a sensible and necessary step to take to counter the ID thieves. Shredding documents taken from the office or printed when working from home is also responsible behavior your employer and their customers would reasonably expect you to take to destroy personal, sensitive or confidential data once it is no longer required.

After all, despite the march of digital progress, executives still print out confidential documents to read and digest. Lawyers still print contracts and carry files to court. Paper-based medical records still move around health care systems. PAs still distribute agendas for people who attend a meeting. People still take confidential notes from those meetings home. And, when they contain confidential or personal data, every one of those pieces of paper needs to be either archived or disposed of securely. The same is true at home. We write down phone numbers, some of us write down passwords or memorable phrases. Even a simple name and address is all an ID thief could need to piece together a jigsaw that unlocks a user account or gain access to your PC.

Rexel Momentum X420 Paper Shredder shreds up to 20 sheets in one go, with a 4 hour continuous run time, making it ideal for a small office. The X420 comes with anti jam technology to guarantee uninterrupted shredding. P4 Cross Cut 4x40mm pieces. Quiet, with simple, intuitive, touch control buttons for easy operation and a generous 30L bin capacity (275 A4 sheets).

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Data sheet

406 x 594 x 320
Shredded Particle Width mm
Security Level
Run Time/Cool Down Time (min)
Maximum Slot Entry Width (mm)
Cut Type
Cross Cut
Power consumption (W)
Cutting capacity 80 gsm in sheets
Shreds up to 20 sheets of paper in one go
Bin capacity (L)
Shredder material
Paper, Paper clips & Staples

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