FX100MS  Casio Scientific Calculator Is a Non programmable Scientific Calculator with Single AA-Size battery (R6P(SUM-3)) Power supply function and a battery life of 17,000 hours continuous display of flashing cursor.

It has a total weight of 133g (4.7oz) Weight including battery.

Its Power consumption is 0.0002 W and has a dimension of 20.0(H) X 78(W) X 155 (D)mm.

Before Getting Started


Before starting a calculation, you must first enter the correct mode 

To perform This type of Calculation:          Perform This Key Operation:           To enter this mode:

Basic arithmetic calculations                      MODE 1                                       COMP

Complex number calculations                    MODE 2                                        CMPLX

Standard deviation                                   MODE MODE 1                              SD

Regression calculations                             MODE MODE 2                              REG

Base-n calculations                                  MODE MODE 3                               BASE

Solution of equations                               MODE MODE MODE 1                      EQN

Pressing the MODE Key more than three times displays additional setup screens.

To return the Calculation Mode and Setup to the initial defaults shown below, press SHIFT CLR 2 (Mode) =.

Calculation Mode:                            COMP

Angle Unit:                                      Deg

Exponential Display Format:             Norm 1, Eng OFF

Complex Number Display Format:     a+bi

Fraction Display Format:                  a b/c

Decimal Point Character:                  Dot

Mode Indicators appear in the upper part of the display, except for the BASE indicators, which appear in the exponent part of the display.

Engineering symbols are automatically turned off while the calculator is the BASE Mode.

You cannot make changes to the angle unit or other display format (Disp) settings while the calculator is in BASE Mode.

The COMP, CMPLX,SD, and REG modes can be used in combination with the angle unit settings.

Be sure to check the current calculation mode (SD, REG, COMP, CMPLX) and angle unit  setting (Deg, Rad, Gra) before beginning a calculation.

Replay Copy

Replay copy lets you recall multiple expressions from replay so they are connected as a multi-statement on the screen.

CALC Memory

This lets you temporarily store a mathematical expression that you need to perform a number of times using different values. Once you store an expression, you can recall it, input values for its variables, and calculate a result quickly and easily.

SOLVE Function

The SOLVE function lets you solve an expression using variables values you want, without the need to transform or simply the expression.

Scientific Function Calculations

Inputting Engineering Symbols

Turning on Engineering Symbols (COMP, EQN, CMPLX) makes it possible to use engineering symbols inside your calculations.      

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