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We have experienced IT professional with more than 20 years of experience in network security and cloud computing. Proven ability to develop and implement security solutions, troubleshoot problems, and provide technical support.

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Weā€™ve designed a culture that allows our team to be flexible and adaptable.

Satisfied Clients


Satisfied Clients

Comprehensive range of IT solutions For security, efficiency and productivity

Advatech is the partner of choice for many of the East Africanā€™s leading enterprises, SMEs and technology Companies. We help businesses build resilience and maintain their market share, reputation, and profitability.


Our great team of more than 200 experts.

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Our Services are designed to meet the expectations of our clients in every way. We craft scalable, flexible, affordable as well as optimized business solutions.

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Advatech is approved and listed by KRA as the leading third-party eTiMS software integrator in Kenya. We take pride in being Africa’s top fiscal devices supplier and e-invoicing solutions provider. Our expertise and experience enable us to seamlessly integrate your ERP, POS, and accounting systems with the comprehensive KRA eTiMS platform, ensuring compliance with the requirements of electronic tax invoice regulations and guaranteeing a hassle-free project implementation process.

AdvaPOS is anĀ  all in one point of sale system that is already integrated with eTims suitable for all type of business.

AdvaMauzo is an KRA certified eTims integratedĀ  point of sale solution for mobile phones and tablet.

Technology for petrol stations to operate more efficiently..

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We provides encryption and cybersecurity solutions worldwide for defense, intelligence, government, and private sector customers.

We assure that all spectrum users achieve their radio communication objectives in the most optimal and cost-efficient way

By digitizing process and making organizational changes, government can enhance services, save money and improve citizens’ quality of life.


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We ensure that your organizationā€™s IT systems are reliable, secure, and up-to-date. This is essential for the smooth operation of your organization and for protecting its data and assets.

Forecourt Fuel Solutions Fuel-solutions-eTIMS-1-1

Forecourt Fuel Solutions

ADVATECH FORECOURT: This is a controller fuel management systems (POS system, OPT, mobile application, remote server)can
Cyber Security Solutions Cybersecurity-Advatech

Cyber Security Solutions

Firewalls:Ā Firewalls are used to block unauthorized access to a network. They can be hardware-based or software-based, a
ETIMS POS/ERP Integrations Integration-etims

ETIMS POS/ERP Integrations

ADVATECHĀ is a KRAĀ eTš¯’¾MSĀ Ā certified organization, Advatech holds itself to the highest standards of quality and excellenc

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