eTIMS Integration

Advatech offers these integration services. We will help you connect your existing invoicing system with the eTIMS platform. This can involve:

  • System Analysis: Understanding your current invoicing system and its functionalities.
  • Integration Method Selection: Recommending the most suitable integration approach based on your needs, such as VSCU (Virtual Sales Control Unit) or OSCU (Online Sales Control Unit).
  • Technical Implementation: Developing and deploying the technical solution to connect your system with eTIMS. This might involve API integrations, data mapping, and configuration.
  • Testing and Validation: Thoroughly testing the integration to ensure proper data flow and functionality between your system and eTIMS.

2. Support and Training:

  • Advatech provide ongoing support to ensure your eTIMS integration functions smoothly. This include:
    • User Training: Training your staff on how to use the integrated system for generating invoices, submitting tax returns, and managing eTIMS transactions.
    • Technical Support: Providing technical assistance for any issues that arise with the integration or eTIMS functionality.
    • Updates and Maintenance: Helping you keep your integrated system up-to-date with any changes in eTIMS regulations or software updates.

3. Additional Services:

    • eTIMS Compliance Consulting: Providing guidance on eTIMS regulations, best practices, and ensuring your business stays compliant.
    • Invoicing System Optimization: Helping you optimize your existing invoicing system for better efficiency and data management in conjunction with eTIMS.
    • Data Migration Services: Assisting with the migration of your existing invoice data to the eTIMS platform if necessary.